Kanchu Construction Technology Center

 Safety and Health training course of Construction Industry(Skill training・special training courses)

①Vehicle type construction machinery (For soil preparation・transportation・embarkation/drilling)driving training course (the weight of a machine body is more than 3tons)

②Slinging operation 

③Crane operation, high-place operation, arc welding,gas welding and scaffold installation etc…


 To be able to work safely, when doing construction work at construction site,

 one needs to earn the qualification for a driver's license.

 And Kanchu Construction Technology Center is a school which can implement training courses like those.


One becomes able to work anywhere, by acquiring the qualifications for it at our center, getting a permission from Labour Bureau of Japan.


 Heavy equipments, tools and working methods could bring danger sometimes.

 To prevent from big injuries or accidents happening, 

 technical intern trainees need to take courses for Safety and Health education.


 It works the same way for Japanese people, if they do not take training courses for Safety and Health , they are not able to work at construction sites in Japan.


 Technical intern trainees are able to take these training courses for free, because their companies pay the related expenses for them or the government of Japan sometimes subsidize it. 


In addition, acquiring construction related certificates not only acquiring construction related certificates make technical intern trainees become able to work at any construction sites in Japan.  It could be also be very useful when they get employed at Japanese companies in their home country after completing their intern training in Japan.


 We are sincerely praying for their safety at work.

Kanchu Construction Technology Center

Director of the Center     Sugimoto Ryozo 

   □ 特別教育(機体質量3トン未満)

 □ 技能講習(機体質量3トン以上)






■ 通常の講習日程は、連続した日程ですが、 土日曜日のみ、日曜日のみの受講とか、履修科目を分割して受講することができます。

■ 仕事を休まず受講することができます。


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